The Goat Shed
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The Goat Shed is a not-for-profit collaboration. Bringing the folks of Aotearoa an eclectic of custom shapes to try for free.

Try something new & take a Goat Shed board for a wave.

About the Goat shed

Hand Crafted shapes, by your local creatives

The idea became alive with the vision of going beyond the current mainstream surfboard industry. So far, The Goat Shed has become a hub open to anyone who is willing to take their passion about the ocean a step further by allowing anyone to learn and explore the theory and physical emotions that the different set of glides embody beyond what meets the eye. With the idea of achieving a more connected, environmentally and mentally healthy community.

Have a go

take a board out for a wave today

We offer to the community a curated selection of surfboards made by us, friends or donated and upcycled. The surfboard library works as a common library, allowing anyone to borrow the items from our collection free of charge and in a pretty straightforward way:

  • Pick up a surfboard you would like to try
  • Let us know what and when and for how long you want it
  • Grab it from the shed Go for as many surfs as you want
  • Bring it back to the shed and… pick another one


A variety of classic, progressive and funky shapes to allow experimenting the different designs


Seeing the ocean as our playground we are highly environmentally focused. We want to change the vision of an old industry and expose more environmentally friendly practices


Whether you are a shaper, a craftsperson, a creative or just someone who wants to get involved in any other way, we would love to hear from you


What a group of people can achieve together is amazing. We are proud of our ever expanding and supporting community. That is why we give back to the community in the different ways we can



Locally designed and handcrafted to suit the local ocean conditions and different surfing styles. Conventional and unconventional shapes to make sure no soul is left indifferent.

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let’s talk

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We’re always keen to talk to fellow creatives, collaborators, and surfers. Give us a bell, drop us a line, get involved!